MXR Custom Shop Resonator Pedal

The MXR Resonator Pedal gives steel players the ability to make their steel or electric guitars sound like a Dobro, National or other resonator guitars, at the flick of a switch. The pedal can be used on the floor, or clipped to the leg of their pedal guitar. Click here for more information and sound samples!

Welcome to Pedal Steel Guitar Products Online!

tom bradshawI have been selling steel guitar products to players and enthusiasts of the instrument for 45 years. I don’t sell everything that’s available, just quality products I feel are worthy of ownership. Everything I do sell, I honestly describe. Any item purchased can be returned within 10 days for an exchange or a refund if you are not satisfied with it and it hasn’t been altered or damaged.

If you want to know more about me, a bit of my past history with the steel guitar was revealed at the International Steel Guitar Convention in 2006. Click on the “Hall of Fame Induction” side navigation link and you can read that background information.

For a time I was quite involved in the restoring pedal steels. Fellow players have shown an interest in seeing some of the work I did. If it interests you too, click on the “Steel Restorations” side navigation link.

I answer many e-mail inquiries each week. Too many people think I have the answer to any question pertaining to the steel guitar. I’d like to be that smart, but I’m not! But, you can surely get an answer to any steel-related question if you ask it on the greatest source of information available to steel guitarists and enthusiasts. That source is the Steel Guitar Forum.

Thanks for visiting my web site. Keep coming back as I am always trying to come up with items of interest. …Tom Bradshaw

Dunlop "Type J" Pot

The Dunlop pot exceeds the quality of the older Type J pots. It provides a million revolutions of trouble-free performance.
Click for more information about REPLACEMENT POTS.

Volume Pedals

I sell the most popular volume pedals for Steel Guitar, including Goodrich and Telonics Multi-Taper Digital pedals.
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Music/Tab Rack
tab rack

My music/tab racks are now available again, and affordable. .080 gauge aluminum with an attractive brushed finish.
Click for more information about the new, brushed aluminum MUSIC/TAB RACK.

PSGP Pedal Bracket

Take your volume pedal with you when you move your guitar, with the only fully adjustable volume pedal bracket available.
Click for more information about the new, fully ADJUSTABLE VOLUME PEDAL BRACKET.


I buy my strings from a manufacturer that I have stuck with for 40 years. My strings are not supplied in slick packaging. I mainly use them on guitars I restore, but will sell them separately.
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Steel Guitar Hall of Fame

I am proud to say that I was inducted into the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame in 2006. Each Hall of Famer receives a bronze plaque, with their likeness and a brief description of their accomplishments. Mine says:

During five decades, Tom produced numerous albums, seminars and concerts. As an entrepreneur, he promoted an untold number of players’ products, gave us the word “copedent”, and became a noted guitar craftsman. As publisher of Steel Guitarist Magazine and columnist and writer for Guitar Player, he was steel’s foremost journalist of his time, documenting player’s histories and the instrument’s evolution.

For more information about the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame, please visit the SGHOF site.

Or, click for Kelly Bradshaw's speech at my induction.