Dunlop “Type J” Potentiometer. 470K-ohms, audio taper.
If you are replacing a 500K pot, it won’t matter. All pots vary in resistance up to 15%. Thus the 30K difference is insignificant. Trust me.
Price: $29.00

Basic Truths: The quality of the popular-but-no-longer-manufactured brands of Allen Bradley and Clerostat deteriorated in recent years. Both brands no longer being available forced me to find another potentiometer that measured up to the quality demanded by our military when the “Type J” pots were originally manufactured, and rated for one million revolutions of service.

The only way to test my claim, short of asking the hundreds of purchasers who have bought them from me, is to install one. Then set your amp volume to a reasonable level with your volume pedal at full volume. Play your guitar some, then promptly plug your guitar directly into your amp and play some more. There should be virtually no difference in volume and tone between the two tests! If you do this and don’t like the sound from your pedal, return the pot and I’ll reimburse you for all your costs. As yet, no one has done this. The pot’s shaft length is one inch. I have not encountered a volume pedal that this pot will not fit!

Good Advice: It is wise to always have an extra pot on hand in case of a breakdown. When you do get around to replacing the old pot, you will likely discover that with a Dunlop pot, your sound will be truer and any “hiss” or “scratchiness” will be a thing of the past. And about that “scratch-noise,” you may be able to spray some commercial cleaner into your pot if it has an opening that allows you to get to the wiper and carbon grid. That effort typically lasts for about a set and the “scratch-noise” returns.

My pots come with complete installation instructions. If you want to read how it is done, e-mail me and I’ll send (via e-mail) a copy of those instructions. …Tom