Webb Amplifiers

Production has been suspended until further notice.

Steel players fortunate enough to own a Webb Steel Guitar Amp have acknowledged during the past 25 years that it is the finest performing amplifier for our instrument. Two years ago, Jim Webb, the manufacturer of this fine product passed away, and I acquired the firm. It is my desire to perpetuate Mr. Webb’s legacy by continuing to build his fine product.

Only 2500 of these amps were manufactured. Most were sold before they were built, and it is difficult to find a used one for sale, with many players trying to obtain a second one! These players recognize that no other amplifier projects the steel guitar sound better than the Webb. With 225 watts of power, the most distant listener can hear the steel guitar with clarity in any setting. The back panel has a reverse polarity switch, courtesy AC power outlet, 2 speaker jacks, effects loop (pre-amp out, power amp in), and a line-out jack.

But one should never stand still if options exist for enhancing the good sound that is already there. The speaker is now housed in its own chamber, independent of its surroundings. The mounting baffle has adjustable ports at each corner, permitting the options of being closed, half-open or fully open. The back of the speaker chamber has a large inspection plate, which also acts as a port. The more you close the ports, the more powerful and directional the sound… and with more punch! The ability to shape your sound via front and back ports allows complete personalization of your sound.

Remote Reverb Controller

The speaker is now 15 pounds lighter. And the sound? Some evaluators say they like the sound of the Eminence Kappalite with the neodymium magnet better than the JBL. Most can’t tell the difference. Listen to the amp yourself, and decide which you like best. Incidentally, JBL has ceased manufacturing guitar speakers!

What about volume? The Webb now has an “honest” volume control. Many amps use linear pots for the volume control, which provide the illusion of more power by delivering more sound earlier as you turn the dial. The linear volume pot in the Webb has been replaced with an audio pot. This means that when the volume control is turned to 5, you have half of the available power. At 10, you have all of the amp’s 225 watts of output.

More about volume: In addition to high and low input jacks, the Webb offers a “Pickup Sensitivity” control knob that controls the strength of the signal coming from your guitar’s pickup and providing even more sound control and “head room”. Combined with the power of the Webb, this feature makes for incredible sustain.

And the tone? The three-position tone switch is renowned for providing the clarity of the three distinctly different textures: the tube-amp sound, the solid state-amp sound, and the hybrid-amp sound. In addition to the regular tone controls, a 5-band equalizer circuit can be switched in or out, permitting you to pre-set the amp to a desired tonal ambience to be employed at all times or whenever desired. An optional remote reverb control is available.

Buying a Webb Amp

I ask that you send me a letter or an email, asking to be notified when the new Webb amps are available for purchase. Getting a manufacturing business up and running is a daunting task. Not only does it take a lot of money; it takes dedication to perfection. Many problems must be solved that few people realize exists. Quality control over every aspect of this product demands that each step be taken carefully. Being able to deliver on a promised date is very important to me. Maintaining my 45-year reputation of customer satisfaction means more than the selling of anything. The integrity of my word is foremost in anything I do.

"I do not sell the Webb amplifier being made by Tom Bradshaw today, but as I have mentioned before, it may be one of the two ultimate great show-off amps of the century. It is very loud, clear, has excellent tone, medium size and weight, it’s pretty expensive compared to lesser amplifiers, but quite possibly more than worth every penny it costs."
-- Bobbe Seymour, www.steelguitar.net

click to hear Tommy White solo through a Webb Amp: Video 1 | Video 2

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