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After recording hundreds of albums, demos, commercials, and soundtracks in his Los Angeles recording studio, veteran producer/engineer Tom Manche now runs Studio X in west Nashville. In a beautiful wooded setting just twelve minutes from Music Row, Studio X features a stunning 6'1" Kawai grand piano, microphones by Neumann, Blue, Langevin, AKG, & Shure, the heralded DM24 digital mixer, Tannoy monitors, Waves world-class effects, and much more!

Tom says: "I've been recording music for over twenty years now, and in that time I've worked on everything from jazz to country, new age to metal, voice-over tapes to radio jingles. You name it. I've even recorded a live art piece consisting of an improvisation between electric cello and live hawk!"

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"Being a one-man operation allows (ok, forces) me to wear different hats...but I wouldn't have it any other way. My clients appreciate the fact that besides engineering, I can produce, play guitar and bass, and if needed, round up Nashville's finest session players for their projects. Basically, I can take something from an idea in somebody's head to a finished CD in their hand. Or, if your arrangements are ready to go, I can record them cleanly and quickly."

Here's what a few clients have to say:

"Tom is fast but thorough, he makes excellent suggestions, and he's a lot of fun. He's also a great guitar player who can come up with amazing parts on the spot. His lovely grand piano and the woods outside are a nice bonus."
- Deanna Walker, songwriter/educator, Nashville

"I have used Tom Manche and Studio X for all my audio projects since 1989. I've needed Tom to record a variety of voices, at other times to edit complex existing recordings, and sometimes to restore archival recordings to make them sound brand new. I have never employed another engineer or studio in all those years for the simple reason that Tom is the best. He is thoroughly professional and a pleasure to work with. No dramas, just good solid work and great results."
- Martin Lewis, producer, Hollywood

"Recording at Studio X is always a comfortable, satisfying experience because Tom is able to quickly deliver the exact grand piano and vocal qualities I ask him for."
- Jim Stephens, singer/songwriter, Nashville

"I've worked at Tom's studio on several projects recently and I'm happy to recommend him. He's got a great space, a fine grand piano, a fast and versatile system, and a sure hand at the controls. Very professional, affordable, and it sounds good in the car when you leave. What more could you ask for?"
- Mark T. Jordan, songwriter/session keyboardist, Nashville

"Tom co-produced my CD at Studio X, and when I heard the tracks played on the radio they kicked butt, and after all, isn't that what it's all about?"
- Ritt Henn, bassist/singer/songwriter, NYC

"I've never had a cleaner sound. Tom takes a greater interest because he's a songwriter himself and knows how important each project is to his clients."
- Andrew Lorand, singer/songwriter, Sherman Oaks

"Somehow, Tom seemed to read my mind and transfer the music in my head onto tape. I've waited years to do my first CD and I'm thrilled with the results."
- Barry Tavlin, singer/songwriter, Los Angeles

So if you are (or plan to be) in the Nashville area and need a professional quality recording done, think of Studio X. Too far away? No problem. Tom has done plenty of demos for clients from afar. For several years, when the National Academy of Songwriters offered a mail-order demo service to their members, Tom was the guy who produced them.

Location: West Meade (on Nashville's west side), 4 minutes from exit 201 of I40. Studio X is on a quiet cul-de-sac on an acre of woods .

Rates: Normal hourly rate is $35, but per-project package rates are also negotiable if you don't like to watch the clock. Tom is happy to meet with you (or email) to discuss your project at no charge.

Guitar for Songwriters
Tom has also been teaching guitar for over twenty years. During that time he discovered that more and more students were interested not in flashy lead playing or learning the latest hits so much as acquiring the wherewithal to put their own songs together. With that in mind, he developed Guitar for Songwriters, a way of presenting the basics of playing the guitar with a bias toward the mechanics of crafting a tune. If you're looking for an experienced guitar teacher in popular music styles (rock, r&b, country, etc), contact Tom.

Tom Manche
Studio X
PO Box 58155
Nashville, TN 37205