Goodrich Volume Pedals

NOTE: All Goodrich pedals come with a Type J Long-Life pot, exactly as the ones I sell separately as a replacement pot.

Among steel guitarists, the name Goodrich has been synonymous with quality, durability and performance for over 40 years. The firm has devoted itself to manufacturing the finest products for steel guitarists. Throughout that time they have improved on their original volume pedal and have constantly introduced new products. The firm's "no-loss" (buffered) circuits are renowned for "cleaning" the sound (see the 10K pedal) of any instrument with which used. . Let me identify and describe the fine products this firm produces and which I offer here. ...Tom

Volume Pedal - Model H-120: $230.00
Weight: 2 3/4 lbs. - Height: 2 3/4"
Color: Mottled Black Powder Coat

Made of heavy aluminum, this pedal is nearly indestructible. Its weight means it stays in place, having a substantial feel under your foot. Its treadle movement is quiet and smooth, with just the right travel to give you full-on and full-off volume with no slack at either end! It takes the same effort to turn the volume "on" as it does "off." When you stop, or take your foot off, the treadle remains exactly where you left it.

The aluminum cast pedal is powder coated to a hard, durable black finish. Powder-coating is scratch and dent resistant. The treadle footrest is covered with a tough, non-slipping material. This pedal will retain its smart appearance for years to come.

Like all Goodrich pedals, this unit comes with two outputs so you can drive two amps with one volume pedal or drive two channels on one amp.

The price includes domestic shipping.

Volume Pedal - Model L-120: $255.00
Weight: 3 lbs. - Height: 2 1/4"

If you are long-legged person, or prefer having both legs at about the same height when you play, the "lowboy" Goodrich pedal is probably your answer. A half inch has been shaved off its height, and the pedal weighs a little less than the Model H-120. Otherwise, the two pedals are identical. Many players appreciate this added comfort. It is a bit more expensive due to the additional machining required to reduce its height.

The price includes domestic shipping.

Volume Pedal - Model H-10K: $325.00
Weight: 2 3/4 lbs. - Height: 2 1/2"

This pedal uses active impedance-matching "no-loss" circuitry. Electronic and other extraneous circuit noises are present throughout your equipment. The circuitry in this pedal removes the "hiss" and "muddiness" from your guitar's sound. What? You don't have a noise problem? No, not until you use this pedal and hear the difference. You will then discover the "mud" in your sound that was there all along. You had grown accustomed to it. Your friends have told you about their Goodrich "no-loss" pedals, but you thought it was hype. It wasn't! You just didn't realize that you need circuit-matching between your guitar and your amp. Just try one; that's all you'll need to do.

Like all Goodrich pedals, two outputs are provided. If you desire, you can send one signal through your effects loop and/or go directly into a recording board. All this added amplification can allow you to drive two amps with no loss in the signal to both. If you need to use a longer output cable, you will not experience any noticeable loss of volume.

A 9-volt battery powers this pedal, and it lasts 1,000 hours (maybe enough to get you through a practice session, huh?). If you want to really increase battery life, simply pull out the line-out cord when you finish playing. The pedal's dimensions are identical to the Model L-120.

Volume Pedal - Model L-10K: $340.00

This pedal is identical to the H-10K, but is a half inch lower in height. It is a bit more expensive due to the additional machining required to reduce its height.

Need a bracket to anchor your volume pedal to your pedal bar? Check out my fully adjustable volume pedal attachment bracket!