How To Order

Ordering by Mail: Simply send a personal check or Money Order, payable to

Tom Bradshaw
P.O. Box 3383
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Ordering by Credit Card: Although I'm not set up to take Credit Card orders directly, you may use your Credit Card by crediting my account at PayPal. It's simple: After registering your credit card with them, all you need to get payment to me is to identify me by name (Tom Bradshaw) and supply my Email address ( To cover PayPal's service fees for domestic orders, you must add 4% to the total of your order. For foreign orders, add 5% to cover PayPal's fees. PayPal is a very reliable service, with about 90% of my customers using it for their purchases.

EMAIL ORDERS – If you have ordered from me previously, simply email me at and I’ll probably just send your order and let you know the cost. I get a lot of phone calls regarding purchases. If you read just a little further on, all your questions will probably be answered.

TELEPHONE ORDERS - Please realize that this is a mail order business. Ordering by mail or Email is preferred. However, if your inquiry is complex, go ahead and call me at 925-932-2952. But if you just want to shoot the breeze, please remember that there are 50,000 of you worldwide and there's only one of me!

EVALUATIONS OF THE PRODUCTS I SELL - All of the evaluations and descriptions accompanying the products I offer are my honest appraisals. But if for any reason, you are not satisfied with any item purchased, please do return it within 10 days for an exchange or a refund. I’ve run my business this way for 40 years; no need to stop now.


Shipping costs and for domestic orders using U.S. Mail, are included in the list price of all items. If you must have it very fast (Priority mail), add 10% to the total of your order. U.S. Postal regulations require shipments outside the U.S. to be by airmail only and can be very expensive. For example, all the back issues of Steel Guitarist magazine sell for $25.00. It costs the purchaser $22.00 to ship them airmail to the Far East! All taxes are included in the listed prices for all products.

I ship via the U.S. Mail or FedEx, unless otherwise requested by a customer. [Incidentally, I don't like using UPS; they have damaged too many of my shipments!] All orders are shipped promptly, but please allow 15 days for delivery in the U.S. If you desire to arrange for another shipping method, Email me.

The U.S. Postal Service does not permit Canadian or other Foreign C.O.D. orders. Domestic C.O.D. orders require an additional $7 charge because of the fees imposed by the Post Office.

Thanks for reading this boring volume of information,

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