The “Tab Rack” Music Holder

Several years ago I offered tab and music holders for steel guitarists. The cost of the extruded material and the labor-intensive fabrication process eventually made the product cost-prohibitive.

A steel-playing friend of mine had been making parts for me for the pedal steels I was restoring. It finally struck me that he could also make the Rack at his metal-bending facility. Thus, the design was worked out and my racks are now available again, and affordable. They are cut from .080 gauge aluminum and come with an attractive brushed finish. They are 36" long and attach firmly to the front legs of your guitar with tough vinyl clips (no marring). For Sierra guitar owners, I have clips that fit your square legs! I’ve sold a few hundred of these and not one has been returned. I like that record. ...Tom

Price: $88.00
note: Price includes domestic shipping which averages $18.00!