song evaluations

together, the producers and engineers who belong to have recorded and/or reviewed thousands of songs and worked with hundreds of artists.

get informed feedback and find out if you're strong on lyrics and weak on melody, or great with choruses but your verses need work. here's how it works:

  1. send us a cd containing the song (or songs) you'd like reviewed.
  2. include a note specifying which song (or songs) you'd like reviewed.
  3. the cost for each song review is a $5 donation to greenaction, a health and environmental justice non-profit located in san francisco. please include a check for the correct total, made out to 'greenaction', with your package. don't forget... your donation is tax-deductible!
  4. reviews may not be long, but they will include our honest assessments of what we heard.

a note about the cost: we all have lives outside of music, but music... more specifically, songwriting... keeps us going. we are willing to take the time to review your song(s), if you are willing to reciprocate by giving back a little yourself. no pressure.�