not like other credits

not like other men is dedicated to jai uttal, whose presence, influence, and support can be heard on all of the songs, whether he played on them or not.

all songs written, produced, and engineered by bruce linde except 'yippie yin yang', which was written by bruce linde and john palme, and the original music for 'when in rome', which was written by adam gottstein.

all songs copyright 1994 by bruce linde (ASCAP) and published by really desperate records (ASCAP), somewhere in oakland, 510 530-1331 ph/fax.

special thanks to mark brandt and john thomas for their performances and support, susan streitwieser for blazing the trail, michael fagrey for reappearing out of nowhere, and chris thebaut, who seems to think i pulled him out of a burning chopper in 'nam, when it was really the other way around.

jai uttal usually appears on triloka records.
bruce linde appears courtesy of his owner, claudia riccardi.

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